A tenant who leaves a property littered when they leave may have to pay additional rent

A landlord demanded several months’ rent after the tenant’s departure. The Court of Cassation ruled in his favor. A tenant who leaves the property in an abnormal condition will be liable to pay additional rent while the work is carried out. According to this principle, the Court of Cassation upheld a landlord who demanded several … Read more

Rodez. Sport. When nursing home residents start playing basketball

Fourteen residents of the Saint-Cyrice nursing home went to the Ginette-Mazel gymnasium this Sunday, April 14, for an intergenerational meeting around basketball and the local club, Rodez Basket Aveyron. They discovered basketball and played with the U9s led by Brahim Rostom and volunteer coaches, Vincent and Jack. Aurélie Costes, assistant secretary of the RBA and … Read more

New PTZ 2024: what changes

FranceTransactions.com 🏠 Welcome > 📰 News > 🏠 Property news > 🏢 Property news > The changes to PTZ 2024 were published in the Official Journal of the European Union. © stock.adobe.com Published it Monday, April 8, 2024 by Borloo de Robien Up to date Friday 5 April 2024 at 8:32. Proclamation 🎁 The best … Read more

do work or sell how owners are pushed to the wall

A five-story building with wrought-iron balconies overlooking downtown Pow. Detail: all its shutters are closed. According to the latest national figures, the Royal City had in 2021 1,554 available homesfor at least two years (1). To reduce this number, the… A five-story building with wrought-iron balconies overlooking downtown Pow. Detail: all its shutters are closed. … Read more

Real estate: should you buy alone or as a couple?

La majorité des primo-accédants achètent à deux.

For his first property purchase, many brokers will tell you bluntly: there is strength in numbers. Banks actually provide easier property loans to couples, and this for a simple reason. “Two people often means two salaries, therefore higher income,” notes Maël Bernier, spokesman for MeilleurTaux. An observation supported by figures from Empruntis, of which 60% … Read more

“We build generalists”: in Aveyron, the condominium manager, a profession in full change and in search of reassessment

Today, suffering from a lack of image among the public, the trustees, both legal representatives and responsible for the management of the joint property, are nevertheless an essential relay. A profession in the midst of change and in search of a write-up. Meet these professionals in Aveyron who bring it to life by building relationships. … Read more