1,400 terminals in less than five days and a movie about it: Tristan Lombart combines cycling and the big screen

Guidon decazevillois, a 25-year-old member of the Basque Country, toured 1,400 terminals in less than five days with a tell-all film.

The rich menu chosen by Tristan Lombart swallowed 1,400 kilometers in less than five days, gaining more than 14,000 meters of altitude. Desertus was proposed by Bikus with the rule of the game connecting Nerja, located in the south of Spain, starting from Bayonne, passing through the Spanish deserts and national parks as quickly as possible, without assistance.
Last spring, he achieved this feat by covering 1,430 kilometers per hour, of which 420 were digested in the first stage in four days and fifteen minutes… No, the bike did not benefit from electrical assistance! “I must admit that I was the first one surprised this time,” the champion assures. “Sometimes I even think this period is long.”

Born in Decazeville in 1997, Tristan Lombart grew up in a Basin family in Plateau d’Hymes. After classical education (Kervallon college in Marcillac and Monteil high school in Rodez), he attended the IUT of Figeac to study mechanical engineering and then went to Chambéry in the Alps to focus on aviation.
He quickly found a job in this industry at Dassault Anglet in Bayonne. The first experience is cycling before donning a bike courier outfit, then together with another Aveyron resident, Mathieu Poussou, to create a rather original concept, the Popular bike. One is an employee, the other is a manager.

“This store has been open for eighteen months,” he comments optimistically, “and although we had some initial difficulties, it is on track to last a long time.” Tristan Lombart has been passionate about cycling since the age of 10, a virus he inherited from his father, who started playing football. Captain of FC Decazeville, later after the merger between Decazeville and Firmi (FCBA), Lilian Lombart became president of Guidon Decazevilleis. “This is my favorite club,” enthuses his 25-year-old son. I started with students and did all my classes there. Thanks to the values ​​instilled in young people, especially by my father, I achieved a “good regional level”. When I moved on to senior year with studies, I experienced a big gap. “I had a hard time keeping up and moved away from the competition.”

He found joy again, thanks to mountain biking (“I had an appetite for off-roading”) and then gravel. Before getting a taste of ultra cycling.

An award-winning documentary

He lives with a woman from Bordeaux (“But I turned her!”, he smiles), but when his head is not on the handlebars his gaze turns to his hometown: “I hope to build my life in Aveyron, I want to go back there.” At the same time, he returns to the country by cycling almost 500 kilometers. “I still do it in two days,” says the contact. The young Aveyron athlete has visibly digested his “crazy vertical”. “I experienced it as a new experience. It was very enriching and I will do others.” “When I arrived, after going through so much pain, I shouted, ‘Never again!’ Two days later I had forgotten, I was looking at things from a new perspective and I wanted only one thing, and that was to start over.”

But he clearly dreams of “something bigger, something more concrete.” He begins: “Why not champion a humanitarian cause with a bicycle? “.

This discovery turned into a movie. “I met Mathieu Koiko during a training trip six months before departure,” recalls Tristan Lombart. A professional photographer, he wanted to make his first film and he told me that I fit the profile he was looking for. I got into the game and appreciated this different perspective on my struggle. I have no regrets about this interest. Far from the stereotypes of high-level athletes, I overcame my mental and physical obstacles.” Released on November 3, the 58-minute documentary titled “Premiere” was screened “without frills” at the international adventure film festival in La Rochelle… Successfully!

“We are very proud that this work has been rewarded,” the cyclist actor rejoices. It will once again be at the top of the lists at the 360° adventure festival in Millau, which Mathieu Koiko will present at the competition. The screening will be held on Thursday, February 8 at 18.00. Wanting to eventually become a prophet in his country, Tristan Lombart contacts La Strada, the Decazeville cinema complex, for an upcoming movie.

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