A beautiful departmental winter day in Tarbes

Recently, a regional Basque pelota day was held in Tarbes, marked by the junior, senior men’s and women’s finals on the left wall. Despite the intense cold, this day was perfect in the municipality of Tarbes.

In the morning, 25 children were present to compete in 3 separate categories: M10 and M12 categories, competing in 1v1, and M14 and M16 categories, competing in 2v2 on the left wall.

On the M10 Lise de Vic won the morning against Etienne from PC Tarbais.

In M12, Mathias de Vic won against Pablo de Tarbes.

Well done to all the children who showed a very interesting level of play.

Among the older players, the Tarbes team (Aubin Mas Maury and Oihan Ferrucci) faced the Vicquois couple (Lukas and Nathan Douat) in the final.

After an intense fight, the Tarbaisler emerged victorious at the wire.

There were 4 finals in the program as of 15.00 in the afternoon.

In the senior men’s 3rd series, Tarbais pilotaris Muller/Delvallee lost to Bagnérais Lhez/Arberet 20-35.

In series 2 young Tarbais Cenac and Beau upsetly defeated Vicquois Faget and Elorza (35/28).

In the senior girls 2nd series, Gersoises de Masseube (Moulis/Mouliszammit) won this final in spectacular fashion against Bagéraise Delariva/Astuguevielle.

Finally, in the last part of the women’s 1st series and the final of the day, PCvicquois Muriel/Nadal, patronized by Manauhon, won 35-34 against the local Tarbes Dasilva/Ara pair. Long exchanges and beautiful attacks delighted the audience.

The president of CDPB65 wanted to sincerely thank the Pilotari club in Tarbais for the quality reception provided throughout this day. He also wanted to congratulate all the finalists and thank all the partners who have helped the Committee throughout the year.

Special thanks to club trainers Hervé Daulon and Bruno Chaintrier for their work at the Vic pelota school, and also to CD65 trainer Romain Philippe, who managed to put together this beautiful day.

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