Amateur rugby: AS Fleurance still top of the table

Halfway through Nationale 2, the AS Fleurance relay team is in good shape and a candidate for further qualification. After a difficult start to the season, hopes are expected to rise again. Fleurantine teams overview before the restart.

The year 2023 is coming to an end, a new year is approaching, and when we look in the rearview mirror, we see that ASF remains at the top as the leading team and driving force. For the second season of Nationale 2, the ASF is at the halfway point, heading towards a possible new elimination; And that’s what makes the club strong. The club is developing without changing in any way… The president duo moved from Courtes-Lhospital to Lhospital-Vigneau; but on the green rectangle, we see the same coach trio year after year: Carr√©-De Giusti-Dupouy.

While ASF ranked 5th in line with expectations after 12 competitive days; and this in a very tough and tight group where the results were very close. So yes, we still expect a lot from this little thumb of the Nationale 2 that remains ASF, but it is a little thumb that is living well in the big leagues thanks to its team and staff, but also thanks to its management and terrific team. volunteers.

The 2024 restart will also be interesting with a trip to Lannemezan (65) on January 14 and a reception in Auch the following weekend, January 20.

Expected reaction from hopefuls in the second half of the season

Behind the relay team we see the young team, which has had a difficult start to the season with the new coaching trio of Lafforgue-Lovato-Gatti. As we enter the second stage of the championship, we hope that the young group, which has undergone many changes, will find its way back to victory and finish the season on its own feet, as it did last season.

We also know that the rugby school among the juniors continues to grow year on year under the leadership of Patrice Pivetta.

In the spirit of evolving to remain competitive tomorrow, ASF participated in the creation of the Lomagne Avenir agreement in less than 16 years: this agreement will also evolve.

Finally, we will not forget to remember that the certified training center that will contribute to the building in a few years was created in September.

ASF is moving forward, ASF is waiting for you in the field and we will see you next year and it will be very soon!

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