Amateur rugby – Federal 1: “I was very pleased with his behavior!” Lavaur stays on course and dominates Castelnadaury

Dominant, Vauréens earned a well-deserved victory over Audois on Sunday, January 14 (24-19, day 13). ASV maintains its place in the top 6.

There was no room for error for Lavaur at home on Sunday, January 14, if they were to maintain their chances of qualifying. And ASV made no mistake. The goal was achieved with the victory in the first match of 2024. Although the final margin seemed small, Jacquemart’s XV’s lead in the first 55 minutes of the game was significant and unrivaled. If Tarnais were able to produce for a long time so quickly thanks to their three quarters, they owe this victory to their offense.

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The match started with a penalty shootout. Despite their clear superiority in the first 20 minutes, Vauréens paid only two penalties as Aude suffered the same fate in two short attacks (6-6). Thanks to a good attack, Lavaur used his game, touched the outside and sent Vidot at the back to the goal (13-6, 32nd). Better offensive efficiency should have allowed them to increase the gap. On the other hand, ASV’s conquest disrupted the Chaurian launches.

ASV resists Castelnaudary’s return

Jacquemart XV started this second half better, relying on their good defensive pressure. Second-seeded Lescano responded and scored, courtesy of Aude (18-6, 41st). Serious Tarnais continued their momentum but only added three points from penalties (21-6, 50).

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Castelnaudary, who had not shown much until then, woke up just before the hour mark. After reducing the score in the penalty, Audois would torment the local defence. Vauréens gave up but did not break and repelled the visitors’ attacks for a quarter of an hour. But after numerous errors, ROC forced ASV to lock up (21-16, 68th). Lavaur then felt the wind of danger.

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Fortunately, Tarn’s attack won twice in the final minutes, giving Lee Adriaanse the opportunity to extend the score (24-16, 78th). So much so that Molinié, who took the last penalty at the end of the match, will have the only option to take the points to earn the defensive bonus.

Thus, Lavaur consolidates its position in qualifying but sees two matches where the two big parts of the group will face each other: Castelsarrasin and leader Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze.


Julien Lauvernet, ASV manager: “The victory was important to start the year well. We may regret giving them a defensive bonus. I am very pleased with the players’ behavior, especially against the attack that won us the game. We will be more effective and raise our level against the next two top opponents that await us.”
Marc Celsis, ASV hooker: “We were getting off on the wrong foot in Lombez and needed a win to start the year and this block properly. We were dominant in conquest, that was one of the aims of the match. Even though we kept the ball well, we didn’t give ourselves enough money. We were so focused, so united. We must continue like this and try to get points from everywhere.”
German Ravarotto, the pillar of ASV: “Our front eight performed very well: the hard work paid off. “Maybe today (yesterday) was my best match in Lavaur, a match in which I played exactly 75 minutes.”
Damien Pagès, ROC coach: “We came looking for something else, we left with a defensive bonus. Judging by the way the match went, that’s a good thing. We had to wait until the hour mark to look dangerous and worry Vauréens. While that’s a good reaction, it’s too late.”


TM: 13-6; judge: Mr. Eclancher (New Aquitaine)
Winners: 2E Vidot (32), Lezcano (41); 1P (32), 4P (6, 14, 50, 78)
Loser: 1E Basque (68); 1P, 4P (3, 10, 54, 80) Molinie
Lavav: Vidot; Micheletto, Hecker, Bertrand (cap.), Fabre (o) Adriaanse, (m) Arenas; Plane, Clamens, Descamps; Maisuradze, Lezcano; Kunga Kuate, Selsis, Ravarotto. Entered the game: Mitu, Svoboda, Foundoux, Clergue, Ducos, Mellies, Boy, Berteaud
CASTELNAUDARY: Writer; Guiraud, Raynier, Basque, Cancian (o) Molinie, (m) Berchet; Wagner, Batchali, Pechard; Poucheu-Ngabnso, Marti; Baeza, Khalkhal, Soliou. Entered the game: Pelisse, Mazerolles, Raynier, Mezzavilla, Calmet, Rappeneau, Femenia, Calmet

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