Amateur rugby: memories of Lot-et-Garonnais rugby from the 90s in pictures

After last year’s success, we recommend you dive into Jean-Michel Lacombe’s photo archive once again, during this period when we take a break from sports. Images from the save drawer, preventing them from being thrown into the recycle bin.

These photographs represent shots taken by film cameras. The paper’s photographers and press reporters met late on Sunday afternoons after the matches were over to develop the film for their own reports. When the red light on the door of the photo laboratory was on, it was forbidden to enter! The photographer was at work. We had to keep a good eye out because we had surprises in store. We didn’t have today’s ultra-advanced devices where a mistake in an explosion could be instantly erased.

These photos are from the late 90s, not all those presented in opposition had the chance to appear on our pages. They remained as archives and now they are coming to light!

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