Amateur rugby – National 2: Return of Graulhet’s passion passes through the Basque Country

Heading to Luziens this Sunday, who will sell their skins dearly, the Tarnai want to make a good start and regain their ambition.

We left Graulhétois with the joy of victory against Limoges a month ago, which was accompanied by a stormy final and an attacking bonus. Since then the club has expanded both its workforce and management. On the player side, Boulogne continues, Gatti, Jordana and Marotel arrive and compensate for the “departures” of Fontan and Lortkipanidzé. Christian Delfaut will serve as sports director and Jérôme Gilbert will serve as referee reference.

Therefore, it is possible with many arguments for Sporting to continue their championship path heading to Saint-Jean-de-Luz this Sunday. When it comes to knowing what the behavior of Rouge et Noir will be in the Basque Country, there are a number of parameters inherent in the one-month suspension of the competition that are not easy to understand. “I hope that the children talked to each other during the holiday. But above all, it is the automaticity that is temporarily lost. Hence the difficulty of getting back on track after this long break,” states Benoît Bellot. The assistant coach knows that this meeting on Basque soil carries triple stakes. “First of all, take revenge from the first match. We collapsed physically in the last 30 minutes and were overwhelmed by the tempo.” First defeat on debut. “Then we must be able to push our direct rival a little further. And finally, we must hope to move up the rankings. If we have the ambition, we must win in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.” “

Trust regained

But be careful, the Luziens are already playing to protect their position. “Yes, they announced that they will play 10 finals in 10 games. We will face an aggressive team. It is up to us to respond to the challenge. Then there is a team that does not hesitate to play. And here we will have to be serious. But let’s see since Limoges the team has regained its confidence .”

On the labor side, the situation is contradictory. Although the front five is almost complete, the same is not true for the third row, where Pueyo and Magne are injured. Like Jordana and Marotel, the bodywork is not ready yet. However, Gatti comes to the group. Tatre is also missing at the back, leaving little solution for the centre, which still benefits from Tharin’s return. Finally, the Boulogne case has not yet been decided. He should be the 25th man for this trip, i.e. as a reserve for future meetings. And there was a little left.

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