At the Paris-Saint-Germain training centre, handball player Vladimir Rousseau finds his first coaches

The young Castres handball player, who trains in the center of Paris-Saint-Germain, spoke this Saturday in the Travet gym with his former managers about the first months he spent in contact with the French elite of the discipline.

Since last July, Vladimir Rousseau has been meeting the French handball elite every day. The 18-year-old former Castres Handball center is spending his first months at the Paris-Saint-Germain Training Center (read our September 11 issue).

This afternoon, at the end of his holiday in Castres with his parents Stéphane and Tetyana, he attended the U18 friendly meeting at the Travet gym between CHB and AS L’Union Handball, who were playing for the first time in the regional league.

A great opportunity to reunite with his former manager Laurent Bru: “Vlad trained at Castres until he was 15, then played for L’Union under 18. This little match was a way to create a welcoming event for our young people to understand what it is to play at a national level. At the age of 16-17, Vlad was taken to the pole, which meant rigor and daily training for him. There are two training sessions a week in Castres and we do not have the opportunity to do more. We can support these young players, give them the pleasure of going further. Perception in handball is well structured, a player with potential is quickly noticed. »

Fitness sessions and running during holidays

Hosting Vladimir Rousseau was also an opportunity for his former club to present him with a personalized t-shirt commemorating his time at CHB. “It makes me happy to see him again,” continues Laurent Bru. I’ve known him since he was little. He gave himself the path to reach this level. This is a beginner’s training course, which breaks down into three to four years of training to progress to the professional level. This is already a great experience because it will have a good level no matter what. »

Before the match started, each Castres handball player made sure to greet Simon and Tetyana: “We know everyone,” he said. Now another step has come for Vladimir. The first year is difficult, starting in a professional environment is good. It always takes a long time to train an athlete. »

This Sunday Vladimir returns to PSG’s centre. However, he prepared well for his return: “I rested during the holidays and enjoyed my family, but I did not forget that there are always training sessions and running sessions that need to be done to stay in shape. Here I find familiar faces, especially the coaches. Obviously it’s great to be on pole but I also enjoy coming back here, it’s a pleasure. This recognition from my former clubs shows that they are proud. I have made progress since joining the centre, I see clear improvement and I am really lucky to interact with their coaches as well as professionals. »

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