Aubin. Rise of the U13s: The beautiful method of the Momo Abidi team

Can we talk about training young football players without mentioning the name of the man who trained generations of football players, some of whom are no longer here:

“Football is simple. Why make it complicated?” Here you guessed it was Hacène Bouzembil. He is no longer there, but he comes back to life thanks to “Momo” Abidi, one of the last generations he raised.

Whether we entrust the U17s, U15s or U13s as in the JSBA this season, their teams are performing well. Why ? You only have to talk to Hacène for a few minutes about education to see that he has adopted the sentence quoted above as his own.

An adapted vocabulary

It is also worth noting that he also touches on the issue of vocabulary used during training, especially with apprentice football players. “Why should we allow ourselves to be influenced by the terms used by sports reporters or consultants who talk to us on television about the game developed by adult professional football players? For example, why use the term “verticality”, which many young apprentices do not become old? It is not yet enough to understand. It means the same thing and is very understandable to everyone Let’s talk about “playing forward”, which is “playing forward. Let’s repeat, repeat, and repeat again with the little ones, controls and transitions with the older children,” this instructor advises.

Having followed this group since the U9 category, it is no wonder that the U13s performed so well. From January, the U13s will be promoted to D1, where the U11s are already located. But “Momo” doesn’t get all the credit. He thanks Lilian Boussac, Geoffroy Rigal, who worked closely with him, and the parents who followed up regularly, especially Tijani Ibhraman and Veljko Markovic, who substituted for him when he was unavailable.

January 1 Quine

This traditional New Year’s Eve celebration will take place in the Cransac reception hall from 15:00. Let’s hope it will be as successful as it has been in recent years, with nice prizes to be won.

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