Basketball: ASBG had a successful start to the season

Not only in terms of results, but also in terms of the overall organization of the club. Players, parents and volunteers show maximum participation.

The Gaillac Basketball Sports Association has had a very good start to the season.

The challenge was particularly intense for the club’s organisation, as 70 additional elements had to be integrated compared to the previous season’s squad. These make it possible to exceed the historical threshold of 300 licensees but require the maximum participation of volunteers.

“They were outstanding at every level; They organize the referees’ tables, support the teams, look for new sponsors, and sit on the board of directors. We have gold between our fingers among parents, educators and even elders who supervise the littlest ones. The health and future of the club depends on them. » ASBG president Patricia Doineau still remembers about a hundred children and parents being there to celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus as a prelude to Sunday’s women’s game. He believes that with such support, the club can take itself a little further than in the past. For example, think about next season. Many ideas are developing, everyone can suggest their own. “We discuss them, we test them. If it doesn’t work, unfortunately we will try it. »

Open doors to ideas

This clarity and distribution of tasks keeps the group active. Great importance is given to communication through social networks, where ideas, results and projects are shared.

Since last September Raphaël Aloisi has been an employee of the club for which he prepared his BPJEPS. At the age of 22, he mastered the sport very well (he is also a player), but quickly adapted to the administrative duties required of him and carried the ASBG image. In January, the club, working in partnership with the committee, especially Alexandre Lacoste, who trains its coaches, will hand over the Oisel facilities to host the Panier d’or divisional final. “This time, ASBG volunteers will not be on duty. We are trying to respond to the committee’s requests as much as we can, but there is already great demand for our volunteers. You have to let them breathe a little. » Because the resumption of the competitions is waiting for them too.

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