Basketball: BCLA against boss Panazol in size

Lot-et-Garonnais made an excellent start to 2024 by dominating third in the National 3 group.

BCLA players attack 2024 with their new outfits. And in its best form, at least from an accounting perspective.

They start the last match of the first match with vitality, seriousness and effort in attack as well as defense. They took control of the match before the visitors could make the game tougher and the lead was fixed at 12-6 for a few minutes. While BCLA realizes that their interiors are starting to work with great efficiency, the danger comes from outside along with Tascon and Fadli.

At the beginning of the second period, Panazol appeared to apply more defensive pressure, and this put the Lot-et-Garonnais leader and his group in a difficult situation, as they lost the ball. Thiam leads the reaction but Fadli’s very active teammates cannot really get past their opponents and make a significant difference. Fabo takes good positions with the racket, scores goals and causes fouls. He is skilled at free throws. Layraco-Astaffortais were smart in attack, giving Panazolais the opportunity to stay in the race in the first half (37-25) before making a few poor choices.

Fabo is omnipresent, Thiam is solid

The recovery is going well for the locals, who make mistakes but also naively let balls get away in their excitement. The managers slowed down after a 15-point lead and the visitors used this to increase the pressure. Although Lot-et-Garonnaise’s superiority in rebounding and a few collective moves was achieved, the game loses its quality. Thanks to the strong performance of Niang and Fabo, Lot-et-Garonnais finished the period ahead by 22 points.

The final act opens with spectacular action, including a very long-distance shot by Marlas. The suburb of Limougeauds did not give up on coming back to 10 points thanks to accurate shots. We’re starting to get scared at the local public bench…

Thiam then continues his activity in a messy and tense end to the match. Sporadic whistles were more in favor of the Gers residents but the score remained the same. The match certainly loses all technical quality, but the main thing is there, as victory is achieved for third place in the championship.

BC Layrac Astaffort 76 – Panazol 63

Referees: MM. Thierry and Thierry
QT: 18-9; 37-25; 61-39.
For BC Layrac Astaffort: 26 successful shots, 4 of which were 3 points; 20 successful free throws.
Set: Faget (1), Fabo (11), Fadli (12), Olay, Boue (5), Niang (9), Tascon (7), Gomes, Thiam (19), Lavaure, Marlas (12).
24 fouls. 2 players were sent off: Marlas and Thiam.
For AS Panazol: 22 successful shots, 6 of which were 3 points; 13 successful free throws.
Set: Verove (2), Boutchou (8), Tristant (7), Labarde (2), Dadie (7), Raffaillac (6), Simaunaud, Couegnas (13), Chevassus, Bambara (7) Meslet (11).
28 errors. 3 players were sent off: Boutchou, Dadie, Couegnas.

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