Basketball: Halftime results of N3M Lot-et-Garonne teams

In Nationale 3 we find Lot-et-Garonnais at every level of the rankings. Villeneuve is on top, Colayrac is on the bottom and Layrac Astaffort is in the middle. We are evaluating the beginning of the season and looking to the future with hope.

The Lot-et-Garonne Nationale 3 basketball teams are now almost halfway through the season and each of these teams has different goals. The top-ranked Villeneuve Basket Club plays in the top 4 with the two Landes clubs and Panazol. Layrac Astaffort Basket Club joined the mid-table teams after a difficult start. Finally, in 13th place in the relegation position, Colayrac needs to regain the momentum of last season, which gave him a great year of basketball. Let’s evaluate the first stage and the goals targeted in the second stage with these training sessions.

Villeneuve BC

Ranking: 4. 12 matches, eight wins, four losses.
951 points (Average: 79.65); 905 points were collected (Average: 75.41).
Top scorers: Gary (16.17 points); Lawore (16 points); Champié (13.25 points).

Léo Sansot (VBC coach): “The results of the matches in Descartes are very positive, they are less good away from home where our defensive team lacks aggression. That’s why we lost some matches despite well-managed endgames. The fact that we won eight out of twelve matches and maintained our fourth place in the rankings still allows us to look ahead. “We are in a race to climb, but it’s not just up to us. In order to get a positive result, we need to achieve perfect performance in this second stage. This should include invincibility at home and a winning spirit in the rooms visited. »

BC Layrac Astafort

Ranking: 8. 12 matches: six wins, six losses
880 points (Avg. 73.3); 945 points were collected (Average: 78.75).
Top scorers: Thiam (18.45 points), Fabo (16.82 points), Niang (10.33 points).

Fred Albisua (BCLA coach): “The results are positive because we have rallied in our last meetings. Although we lost twice at home, our three away wins brought us a lot. Our ratio is balanced and we hope to improve it. In this second stage we want to do better by aiming for the top 5 which is perfect for us considering the teams behind us. There are 14 games left, which is a long time, but with eight receptions our schedule is quite suitable. Note that there will be four landings at the end of the season. I trust the group and we must continue as a whole. With the return of Vincent Lavaure in mid-January. »

AC2B Colayrac

Ranking: 13. 12 matches: three wins, nine losses.
740 points (Avg: 61.66); 945 points were collected (Average: 73.58).
Top scorers: Mangiardi (10.67 points), Demont (9 points), Laulan (7.75 points).

AC2B staff: “We had a good start to the season. During the derby against Villeneuvois, the spring was broken due to the injury of our top scorer Rémy Demont, who won at the final whistle. We must be more competitive by getting our entire squad back from January 6. Defeat is now prohibited for us. “We will evaluate it match by match. The next two matches will be very important against JSA Bordeaux and Stade Toulousain 2, which is right in front of us. Maintaining this may depend on these two moves. Two victories will completely revitalize us. »

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