Basketball: Lot-et-Garonnais club forced to play 10-minute match on Christmas Eve

A poisonous Christmas present for Castelfondais, who had to finish a twice-aborted match at Dax on 23 December.

On November 11, Grandfonds traveled to Adour Dax for day 7 of the men’s Region 2 championships. However, there were major temperature problems at the Landes field that day, and condensation on the ground made it impassable and dangerous for the players. The match was therefore interrupted and continued in another Dacquoise room. But again the referees’ decision to stop the match before the fourth round. The score was 66-60 for the locals.

A week later, the League’s decision was made: The last quarter would be played again on December 23, that is, on New Year’s Eve, at the Dacquois field, of course. Enough to ask “questions” in the Lot-et-Garonnais camp. “To play for 10 minutes, spend another 2.5 hours on the bus, which you will have to pay financially once again,” breathes AGS president Cyril Eïto. I think the meeting was greatly distorted knowing that we were already playing for 30 minutes in two different rooms. We had an injured player on November 11th and he could not play this Saturday because he was not on the scoresheet. Since that day, one more of our players has been injured. I think that the arrangements made in this way will not benefit the guest teams who have problems with equipment that is not suitable for our sport during the winter months. Knowing that this problem repeated itself two weeks ago…”

Coach Benoît Derusseau, however, continues to focus on the upcoming quarter: “It was the right decision to stop the match. Now playing for 10 minutes is special… It will be difficult, we will prepare for a short fight with a six-point handicap. It will be necessary to both stay sane and take risks. In the end we have nothing to lose, even if we win at Dax and finish the first leg in the top three, even if we draw. »

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