Basketball (National 1): Devante Wallace released from Union Tarbes-Lourdes

The Union’s leading scorer at 16 points per game was left out of the victorious group at Berck after slamming the door after a massive tantrum. Will he come back after the break?

Now we know why Devante Wallace didn’t go to Berck. “He has been temporarily removed from the group,” Stéphane Dao, coach of Union Tarbes Lourdes, told us.

great anger

This did not surprise us much because at Lorient we witnessed firsthand the anger of the American football player who, at the end of the match, had his coach carry him off the field after he made a mistake that allowed Lorient to cancel. The Union’s leadership in the first leg’s goal average.

According to what we heard, there was ongoing anger in the locker room.

So it’s just a warning?

Club leaders did not want to comment and preferred to wait until the end of the half to decide.

Note that Union’s All-American guard has blown away the home scorers several times this first half of the season and is the team’s leading scorer, averaging 16.0 points per game.

Devante Wallace had outstanding success on the Union field, especially with 28 points (34 evaluations) against Rueil, 30 points (31 evaluations) against Lorient, 28 points (31 evaluations) against Tours, 27 evaluations. Quimper (28 reviews); We should not forget the 21 points he scored in Vitré (22 average) in the Union’s only away win.

But the American also missed several performances on the opposite floor, where he often looked less comfortable.

Devante Wallace did not attend Thursday’s final training session before traveling to Berck, where the Union played without his services on Friday evening in search of their second away success of the season.

No one in the Bigourdan team seems important, but it should also be noted that the Berckoise team, which lost 78-55, was slow in what many observers described as the “worst performance of the season”.

Devante Wallace, who traveled to Austria, Poland and even the Czech Republic, settled in Tarbes last season thanks to his former coach Chris Chougaz.

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