Bazette. URFA Cadet Lionesses won

URFA (Union Rugby Féminin de l’Adour) students played against L’Entente Vallée du Girou at Léon Audoubert on Saturday, 9 December.

The first period took place without either side having a significant lead. But the Haut Garonnaise winger rose to queendom after a drive worthy of the maroon, or rather the maroon. 0 to 5 at the break.

While defending the players of the day, the ground being heavy and muddy made hand mistakes easier. The morale of the local fans seemed to be better after the restart and Maïtena Rexach made the first score 5 to 5 with shots close to the opposition goal. The audience finally took a breath. A few minutes later, after many phases of play and advantages gained after mistakes from the blue-blacks, Jane Beheregaray managed to get behind the posts from 12 to 5.

There was still time left, but the lionesses managed to keep the score and their joy was revealed at the final whistle.

Well done girls, you have now achieved first place with a late match. You will be able to end the year peacefully by simply playing on January 13th.

President Fabrice Turon and the coach of these girls have this to say:

“The match was very tough, but the lionesses won with their courage. This is good for morale. We are very pleased with the amazing performance of these girls, together with Mathieu Barrère, Roland Rexach, Jonathan Peyras, Bernard Lasserre, they deserve congratulations.”

These friendly and dedicated rugby women, who were in a very tough group in the 15’s championship, are even better with today’s performance. If this sport interests you, do not hesitate to contact Fabrice on 06 86 94 56 02.

Today’s team:

Loana Dussard – Clara Martel – Lou Bertandeau – Mélina Ottavi – Chayly Dauvergne – Elisa Guinle – Morgane Lelard – Romane Labadie – Chloé Castagnon – Maïtena Rexach – Lucie Abadie – Inès Fidami – Jane Beheregaray – Lucie Gaillat – Norah Fidami – Léa Lardiès – Mayleen Cattanéo – Catalina Lasserre – Noélie Couget – Manon Lussier – Eléa Gibert – Anne-Julie Vogique.

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