BLACK NOTEBOOK. AS Penne-Saint-Sylvestre is in shock: Denis Bidou leaves

Denis Bidou, the figure of New Year’s Eve and the rugby club, passed away at the age of 77.

The entire village of Saint-Sylvestre, the hamlet of Saint-Marcel where he lived and his favorite club, AS Penne-Saint-Sylvestre, were in shock this Thursday morning. The news spread like wildfire; Denis Bidou, one of the country’s children, passed away too soon, too early, at the age of 77.

This brave, kind, helpful man of the land played his last match, unfortunately Denis did not have extra time against the insidious opponent. He learned rugby at ASPSS when it was founded in 1967, first as a player and then as a manager and volunteer for several seasons. Food bar, grills, assembly and dismantling of poles, organization of garage sales and other belot competitions were Denis’ job. Until health problems forced him to step back. His disappearance left many people speechless. Passion: nature, gardening, pruning fruit trees; Denis knew. With a good sense of humor, he offered valuable advice to those exploring gardening and decorating. Before going to the stadium, free time was spent picking mushrooms.

This stadium, where everyone will pay tribute to him because he is recognized by the federal and regional authorities, leaves a huge gap in the club for Denis on the day Cénac arrives; “He was a symbolic person,” Jacky Laurans told us when we told him the sad news. His funeral will be held in Saint-Marcel on Wednesday, January 3 at 10:00. La Dépêche du Midi extends its sincere condolences and assurances of its sorrowful sympathies to all their friends and loved ones, to her daughter Sandrine, her son-in-law Fabrice and her grandson Alexis.

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