Carcassonne. Teddy Saddoui: “We are on a very good path”

At the beginning of the new year, the Carcassonne XIII club is at the top of the standings in the French elite teams championship 1. For the first four months, the club’s co-president Joel Berger and assistant coach Teddy Sadaoui served. 1 from the elite team, evaluate this first match.

At the beginning of January, the elite 1 team of the Carcassonne XIII club is in first place in the championship, which makes the club’s co-chairman Joel Berger happy: “We are on a very good track! Currently our players are at the top of the standings with only one defeat in this first match, they are a very satisfactory team.”

A positive result in every respect. “We are currently preparing budgets for the upcoming deadlines. We need a concrete dossier to integrate the English championship, we must consolidate it in order to get a positive response. Currently the management office is finalizing the partners, which is an undeniable challenge for us. The continuation of our projects”he continues.

A step forward from ASC

Following the collapse of ACS (Carcassonne’s former rugby league club) following judicial liquidation in 2018, the three current co-chairmen Joël Berger, Francis Camel and Rémy Bertrand say: “HEHEYou can only be satisfied. We have played in all the finals since we took office. “Our target this year for 2024 is to win both trophies: the Lord Derby Cup and the French Championship.”. Teddy Sadaoui, assistant coach of the Elite 1 team, added: “We have to play one game at a time. There are many factors in the sports world, including injuries.” The former player of the ASC club sees the evolution clearly: “I can only see that the Carcassonne XIII players are well-coordinated, have good conditions, with very caring presidents and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that this club is well structured.” he continues.

This season’s transfers for the Carcassonne XIII club are on everyone’s agenda. Actually, “Frédéric Camel and his team targeted high-quality players. Once again, we have a very competitive and complete team for this season. The players have a lot of human values ​​with great harmony. Players such as Thomas Malfaz and Sylvain Masuaute are very integrated into the community.” They adapted well. The staff did well in their jobs“, trusts Joël Berger.

As in every season, young players playing in the youth team joined the elite squad; So are Félix Aubry, Julien Ballarin, Théo Slagmulder, Yanis Hettat, Germain Rigaud and Nolan Lopez-Buttignol.

According to the co-chairman, these young players are the future of tomorrow: “It is the young people who are pushing the old people towards the exit door. This is positive, we have a very good ranking.”He laughs.

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