Carcassonne. XIII commemorates Mathieu Khedimi

On Sunday, in the 16th round of the Lord Derby Cup held at Domec, Carcassonne XIII commemorated the figure of the discipline, Mathieu Khedimi, who died on 31 December at the age of 59.

The club is in mourning. On Sunday, January 7, in the round of 16 of the Lord Derby Cup, Carcassonne XIII joined in the family’s grief and held a minute’s applause in memory of Mathieu Khedimi. The speech made by the three presidents before the meeting is as follows:

“A few days ago we learned of the disappearance of Mathieu Khédimi. A real character in the great Treizist family, Mathieu had a career as extraordinary as it was extraordinary. (…) On the field, he won four French championships in the 1990s. 1989, 1990 He won four French Cups in 1987, 1993, 1994 and 1995, as well as in 1993 and 1997. (…) He then had a double coaching role in the French Championship and the French Cup in 1998, after which he took the field together with Bernard Guasch and Thierry Dumaine. came out. The challenging adventure of the Catalan U19s. As a challenging man, he felt that this opportunity could profoundly change the face of French rugby union. Ultra-motivated, he led all of France’s thirteen young players on this adventure with passion and determination. (…) A man of faith , an indefatigable worker, will rarely have received more blows of unprecedented cruelty off the field than on it, and this will have had a profound effect on me in recent years.

Finally, he had a special relationship with our club. An early supporter of his sons Matthieu and Romain, whom he worked to instill the core values ​​of work, respect and honesty, he was the first to encourage them to join our large family. “He wanted these children to live their passions to the fullest under the walls, and he saw them happy.”

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, January 9 at 16.00 at Perpignan crematorium.

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