Carcassonne. XIII Sports Academy led by Daniel Martinez

The association changed its president at the beginning of the season after the resignation of José Saez. As a result, an emergency board meeting was held in October. All eyes were on Daniel Martinez, a role already assigned by members of the office.

Rugby school is going through a big change! José Saez and Ludovic Berail are no longer presidents of the Academy Sportive Carcassonne XIII. Daniel Martinez, originally from Mazamet and retired from the national police, took over as president in October. “The decision taken by José Saez when he announced his resignation surprised us all. The board of directors immediately gathered the members for an extraordinary meeting. We walked around the table, all eyes were on me, then I realized what he expected from me. jokes with the new “boss”. Now it will be complicated to take on this role after José Saez, but I will try to do my best for these little ones. (…) The academy found me, so I could get into the administrative office in the first place, so that’s what I did, took care of the partners and now I’m the president.”Daniel Martinez happily declares.

The new chairman, a rugby league enthusiast, is taking his role at the U7 club, where his grandson Théo plays, seriously. A rugby school gaining momentum: “We had a few junior players coming in to strengthen the squad. We are now among 200 licensees and that’s a great thing for the future. We need to promote XIII, which is a fantastic sport!” he exclaims. Daniel and his many values ​​thrive in the world of rugby: “I’ve always lived with relationships and human contact, that’s the foundation for me! That’s what I’ve been taught, so I’m just passing it on. I find those values ​​in rugby league, family-friendly and friendly. We’re already seeing a very good alignment of players in the minors with a lot of values.” “There is, and that’s very important.” The Academy president finishes his speech.

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