Castres. Here are the 17 winners of the winter tennis tournament

First, the agreement between TC Sidobre and TC Rey clearly worked. The winter tennis tournament, organized jointly for the first time, brought together 163 participants in the adult tournament and 72 participants in the youth Mozaïc tournament. The two clubs thanked their sponsors, saying: “A good fortnight, fortunately there were not too many frosts”, but also “a special thank you to the thirty volunteers from the two clubs in turn for organizing the tournaments, and to our referees: Grégory, Gabriel and Christian.” The results are satisfactory for this first joint event, which “points to major collaborations in the future.” As for the results, here are the winners by category:

> Simple guys: Kristian Koldwells (finalist Gabriel Bourcier, TC Rey)

> Women’s singles: Jihene Megdiche (TC Rey) defeated Géraldine Lavail

>35 gentlemen: Paul Neyme (APM Mazamet) defeated David Calvet (TC Lagarrigue)

> 35 women: Carine Puech (ASPF) defeated Karine Mas (ASPF)

>50 gentlemen: Jean-Philippe Gatignol defeated Stéphane Giacomini (TC Rey)

>65 gentlemen: Jean-Loup Fournié (TC Brassac) defeated Dominique Jumel (TC Rey)

> 3rd series men: Julien Gautrand (TC Rey) defeated Louca Garrigues (TC Réalmont)

> 3rd women’s series: Aelis Boyer (TC Revel) defeated Louane Grando (TC Revel)

> 4th series men: Frédéric Rouanet (ASPF) defeated Faiçal Taib (TC Rey)

> 4th women’s series: Julie Pontier (TC Revel) defeated Pauline Maraval (ASPF)

> Young people: David Leignel and Julia Albert (15/18 years old), Corentin Bernard and Lily Cathala (13/14 years old), Elouan Bertrand and Anastasia Chvets (11/12 years old).

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