Interclub: Villefranchois happy with points share

It’s the second day of Interclubs for the GBC 12 relay team, who don’t have to travel too much as the second leg takes place at home, in the Tricot gym. On this occasion, all the players available that day responded (Mylène Norotte and Aurore Fillola, Alexandre Laubiès, Raphaël Drob, Simon Leroux and Jérémy Fraysse … Read more

Model model enthusiasts found themselves

Model airplane enthusiasts are always there, they do not speak out, but whenever they get the opportunity, they come together and spend a day together to satisfy their common passion. It is not easy for them to fly their models, they need space and height outdoors, and in bad weather they have to take shelter … Read more

Toulouse. Fenix’s youth are in power

basis The Toulouse team has performed excellently in the French U18 championship so far. Fenix’s young players, who finished the first stage at the top of their group with 8 wins in 10 matches, reinforced their words by leading the dance in the second stage, which started last January. With four wins and one draw, … Read more

Union Olympique de Pamiers: Girls aim for last four in Coupe de Garonne, men’s reserve team awaits derby against Savardun

basis It’s the week of Appamean basketball’s return to competition after a month without official meetings. On Wednesday, February 28, the women will attempt to qualify for the semi-finals of the Coupe de la Garonne as a prelude to the busy weekend that awaits the UOP. Frustrated with their recent results in the championship in … Read more

REPORT. “Oklahoma City Thunder trusts me”: Lot-et-Garonnais Ousmane Dieng evaluates the first half of the NBA season

basis Villeneuvois Ousmane Dieng, who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder, is going back and forth between the NBA and G-League with the reserve team this season. He continues his apprenticeship in a franchise race for the final stages. Ousmane Dieng, originally from Villeneuve-sur-Lot, who was selected with the 11th pick in the 2022 NBA draft, … Read more

Flourens. Handball: Players become referees

Flourens handball club (FHBC) is growing year by year, but this also includes the necessary structuring and training of technicians and referees. Thus, a pair of referees trained at the Flourensois club have recently been qualified as junior referees (JAJ). T3: Mélina and Gabin, both players in the senior category, but also coaches in the … Read more

A Paralympic champion’s wheelchair was destroyed in Blagnac: The airline in question reacted after the controversy

basis EasyJet sent a press release to some editorial offices on Monday (February 26) after French disabled basketball team player Julie Marchand found the machine, which would have allowed her to participate in the next Paralympics, to be severely damaged on arrival. Toulouse. “Crushed, filed, pressed…” La Dépêche du Midi I told you this on … Read more

Balma. The hand overcomes the neighbor

The crazy victory streak still doesn’t stop. On Saturday evening, ETB defeated Tournefeuille (29-27) in the Jean Rostand gym. The Balmans, who were beaten in the first act and fell behind at halftime (12-11), once again found the resources to defeat their opponent. Balma scored four consecutive goals in the final quarter hour to take … Read more