Paul Pogba’s testosterone test was positive: The French national football player received a 4-year ban for violating anti-doping rules

It was published 29.02.2024 13:06. Degree basis French international footballer Paul Pogba, the 2018 world champion with the Blues, was subject to a very heavy sanction after testing positive for testosterone in September 2023. The sanction fell on Paul Pogba. According to Italian media, on Thursday, February 29, the French player was suspended from football … Read more

France-Spain final in the Women’s Nations League: This crazy statistic (partially) explains Bleues’ defeat

basis The French women’s team lost to Spain (2-0) in the Women’s Nations League final held in Seville yesterday, at the end of the match under the control of the last world champion. The first championship in their history will have to wait a little longer. Last night, the Blues dominated (2-0) in the final … Read more

Stadium: Label of the football school

This weekend, the flagship team of Stade Villefranchois Football was off and this Saturday their neighbors were playing in the second round of the Montbazens-Rignac association. He met with his team. Faouzi Ouasti’s men must be confident, like their last encouraging performance against the Espoir leg (2nd), where they lost 3-2 in the final seconds … Read more

Lacapelle-Marival. Serge Cadiergues awarded –

As part of the 2023-2024 season Helmet Sports Challenge for club volunteers, the section jury selected Serge Cadiergues as the “Best Club Manager” for the Challenge. So, as Serge received his award one evening at the Chartreuse in Cahors, he was flanked by Regional President Serge Martin, Occitanie Football League representative Didier Walaszek and Lacapelle … Read more

DIRECT. France-Spain final in the Women’s Nations League: Les Bleues aims for the first championship in its history! Follow the match live

They will try to write the most beautiful page in the history of French women’s football. On Wednesday, February 28, in Seville, the players of the French team challenge the Spanish in the Nations League final. 18:06 Good evening everyone! Welcome to this live broadcast where you can follow the Women’s Nations League final between … Read more

Football: “This is not a shame. We do this in Europe…” Cristiano Ronaldo justified himself after his obscene gesture

basis Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the author of an obscene gesture in the last match with Saudi club Al Nassr against Al Shabab, had to justify his exit to the Saudi football authorities on Wednesday, February 28. Here, on the last day of the championship, most of the fans of the opposing team were chanting … Read more

VIDEO. TFC-Nice: “I’m not breaking my head, I’m throwing it out!”, The match referee’s phones were tapped during the live match

basis The 36-year-old referee will blow the whistle for the match between TFC and OGC Nice on Sunday, March 3, and his last match with TFC will be played at the Allianz Riviera in Nice on March 21. He was in control of a relatively tense match a week ago. The referee sound system has … Read more