Caught between passion and ambition, Michel Frostin says:

Since the last general assembly of the USC cycling industry, a new president named Michel Frostin has joined its ranks. Report.

Can you introduce yourself ?

First of all, I am Breton and proud of it. I previously served as an instructor officer in the French Navy. After leaving the uniform, I pursued a career in aviation in France and abroad for 27 years. The end of my trip took me back to Blagnac airport. I have been a cycling enthusiast since I was 16, and I was a cyclist until I was 40. Later, as a trainer, I headed the Guidon Decazevillois in Aveyron, then the Guidon sprinter Club Blagnac, where I held management positions from 1996 to 2013. A club where my two sons joined me as riders. At the same time, I was also chairman of the disciplinary commission of the regional committee. Finally, I served as a speaker on the podiums in the south of France until 2021.

Why at USC now?

I have known this club for several years and loved commentating on the events with their young players. When I learned that Jérôme Delouvée, one of Blagnac’s experienced players, had joined Colomiers, I got close to him and this is how the idea of ​​returning to the military after a two-year break came to my mind. I was intrigued by USC Cycling, where the word education still has a tangible meaning. It has become rare to see 45 children learning with passionate educators every Wednesday and Saturday; This is not just a nursery and it is very motivating.

What are your goals?

Have a financially healthy structure close to the Omnisport club. Develop partnerships and sponsorships to increase our educational dynamic to maximize the best progress. For this, we need to strengthen the already healthy base here. This way we can promote the champions of the future even more. Jérôme Delouvée also made a good start with Team VTT, which is currently competing at a very high level in National League 2.

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