Christophe Galtier accused of discrimination and harassment: former coach of Paris Saint-Germain and OGC Nice acquitted

Former Nice coach Christophe Galtier was acquitted on Thursday after the trial that turned into a personal showdown in which he was tried for discrimination and harassment, especially against Muslim football players.

“I never caught Racist Thoughts“The former OGC Nice coach defended himself before the Nice court on December 15. The prosecutor had requested a fine of 45,000 euros and a one-year suspended prison sentence. For the prosecution, Galtier “clearly tried to reduce the number of black and Muslims in the Nice team”, especially By “instrumentalizing” Ramadan, the month of fasting in Islam, against “the background of ordinary racism”, Christophe Galtier had defended himself against all forms of racism, assuring that he was “trapped”.

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Finally, on Thursday, December 21, the courts released the former coach. “Neither of the two crimes is characteristic,” the Nice criminal court said in announcing its decision on Friday.

His lawyers welcomed their client’s legal victory: “It is a reaction of relief, because these disgusting accusations had caused serious damage to his life as a man and to his professional career,” said Olivier Martin. “Today it is a complete rehabilitation for him, (…) but also a satisfaction for the defense because we were able to deconstruct the crimes that the prosecution pursued unfairly, but also to show the manipulation in this direction. “It was explained that this was done with the aim of harming his personal and professional reputation, and some statements were abused.”

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