Colomiers Rugby: 2024 will be a year of recovery for Alexandre Manukula

The 2nd seed (2:02, 133 kg), who had no playing time in Montauban since the beginning of the season, returned to Colomiers, where he plans to have a good start.

At 27 years old, in the prime of his life, he couldn’t just stand there and watch others play. Since the beginning of the season, on the Sapiac side we frankly no longer relied on Alexandre Manukula, which he used with great parsimony: two scoresheets on days 4 and 8 and as a substitute each time, a total of 52 minutes of play. The Cat was too weak for the former Stadiste, being loaned to Colomiers (2019-2020), then Bayonne (2020-2021) before joining Montauban in the summer of 2021.

Colomiers is an obvious choice

Alexandre Manukula, who later wanted to leave, says the situation was complicated, especially since USM’s manager Pierre-Philippe Lafond told him that “I was no longer part of the plans”. Authorization was granted and the New Caledonians quickly found a base. From mid-December, Colomiers signed him up as a medical jester to compensate for Jack Whetton’s absence. Alexandre Manukula continues with a smile at the beginning of the year: “I immediately seized the opportunity, I knew the club, it was not difficult to make this choice.” partners but also an unchanging atmosphere. » A club with only good memories made good progress during his stay in 2019-2020. “It is true that I improved myself greatly during the season I spent here. However, I was then loaned to Bayonne by Stade. » A mixed experience in the Top 14 “I could not perform as I wanted because long-term injuries hindered me. »
So this time he returns to an environment he knows, a club where we trust him and his physical intensity. “I’m coming back full of enthusiasm and desire, I’m physically well and I really want to play”, continues the 2nd row who needs to assimilate as quickly as possible “game plans, combinations in contact, there are a lot of new things to learn”. But everything will be fine,” says Alexandre Manukula, who has all the confidence of Julien Sarraute, who knows his own qualities and aims to bring them to light again. And maybe from Thursday evening against Nevers.

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