Complies with RCV program

Villeneuvois, who were solid leaders of their group at mid-season, are currently achieving their goals with just one defeat.

“With the potential it has and the big players in the off-season, this Villeneuve team is planned to be promoted to the Federal 2,” Pont-du-Casse mayor and former sports journalist Christian Delbrel said recently, after a very big event. Mass performance by the inhabitants of the Lot in Régadous. And it is true that during the winter break, the “blood and gold” of this 13th group of the Fédérale 3 walked on water to refresh and recharge the batteries, wearing the yellow jersey firmly on their shoulders in a country house. It is preparing to host the big cycle on July 11.

“Eight wins against just one defeat, one leading position and seven points ahead of our runner-up Nérac, we respect our progress and our ambitions at the beginning of the season. But we remain cautious and continue to work, to progress”, is the general who remains true to his image and prefers to hide behind the proverb “We pay the musicians at the end of the job,” says manager David Ardilouze.

David Ardilouze: “This group is using 60% of its potential”

Because the RCV field man knows very well that despite the setback in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, he can still raise the score even if his orchestra did not hit too many false notes in the first half of the season. “We saw this recently in Réole. We cannot perform well for 80 minutes, with a real recital in the first half and relief in the second half, which causes us to lose the attacking bonus. This means that this group operates at 60%.” “It’s taking advantage of its opportunities and there’s still a lot of room for improvement.”

For Ardilouze, two meetings should be included in the drawer of big performances: trips to Blaye and Pont-du-Casse. “In terms of aggressive sex and efficiency, we can really maintain our debut in the Gironde. On the other hand, the trip to Régadous also remains a reference match in terms of struggle, desire and collective demands over time.”

2024: the best yet to come?

While RCV has been promised first place for most observers and coaches of the group, magician Ardilouze puts some brakes on that notion. “We still have nine games left on our menu and the Nérac team we will go to is not too far away from us. Also watch out for complicated trips to USVL 47 and Léognan. If Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, we do not put the right ingredients in our meetings, the reality on the field can quickly catch up with us”, concludes Villeneuvois’ manager. His aim in 2024 will be to win victories again and perhaps offer the leaders at the end of the season. Add some icing on the cake to celebrate the club’s 20th anniversary in a beautiful way.

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