Coupe de France: “Our worst match of the season…” Toulouse coach Carles Martinez Novell’s anger despite advancing to the last 16 rounds

The usual smile and accompanying sincere handshake; evil eye too. About half an hour after Savoyards’ guard of honor, the Toulouse coach appeared before the media confidently after his team’s 3-0 success in Chambéry (K3) on Sunday evening.

Carles, how are you feeling after this elimination without shaking?
We are happy with the result and will continue competing. However, I am not satisfied with the game offered. We definitely started well with two goals, but then I realized we were completely disconnected. Our opponent played with more passion and enthusiasm. By the way, congratulations to Chambery.

You also brought a lot of young people to the field, right?
As a coach, you always want your players to do their best. This was not the case. This may have been his worst performance of the season. Even our worst game since I arrived.

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That was your locker room conversation…
Yes. Frankly, they already knew this. In football, when you go up 2-0 relatively quickly, it’s a given that the team can relax. I’m waiting for the next meeting…

Artificial turf, arctic climate, an amateur team that sells its leather expensively; Are these extenuating circumstances that you are ignoring?
We can always find excuses… Again, if we were more focused, we would produce better copy. Develop better together. Frankly speaking, today wasn’t enough.

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There are still positives – Dominguez’s debut in goal and the unprecedented Keben-Mawissa hinge – a clean sheet. Skyttä’s stunt double is also in the front.
Obviously the Coupe de France creates such opportunities. Are some services likely to reshuffle cards? From where.

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