Cycling: “This mistake is too big for me to continue”, Costa Rican Nystrom, pushed by Van der Poel, wants to return to the country

Mathieu Van der Poel, who won the Cyclo-cross race in Gaver, Belgium, pushed a person who was taking photos with the audience during the race. Costariacan, who was very impressed by his mistake, wants to return home. Raymond Poulidor’s grandson asked him to stay in the competition.

On Wednesday, December 27, a simple racing incident took on disproportionate proportions. Yesterday afternoon, at the Cyclo-cross tour in Gaver, Belgium, Mathieu Van der Poel, who has been in great form for several weeks, won the race once again. Confident of his strength, the Dutchman isolated himself from the start of the race before catching up with the first rider on the third lap and pushing him with his left arm, and after posing for a photo with the second guy, he was preparing to get back on his bike. fans.

Mathieu van der Poel, still alone in Gavere, had to run away from a contestant taking photos with members of the public. The late player was passed in the 3rd round.

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Alcoholic, drug addict… He got over it

This humble runner is 40-year-old Felipe Nystrom, who has a very special story. The cyclist, a Costa Rican by birth, quickly fell into alcohol and drugs. After several suicide attempts, the last one in 2013, he decided to get into cycling again and created a surprise by winning the road race at the Costa Rican championships. Three years later he became the first Costa Rican cyclist to participate in the Cyclo-Cross world championships.

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However, this story greatly affected Felipe, who still feels at fault. Nystrom first said, “I feel so bad. What happened is 1000% my fault. Mathieu must have pushed me, he should have made me even harder. I blame myself so much.” sporza. But the 40-year-old man is not actually a runner like the others, and his story is gaining public sympathy.

“I had a dream and I realized it”

But the Costa Rican was even more worried that this scene would create a bad image of the world champion, and the culprit feared that the Dutchman “could receive hateful messages”. “Some say I’m stupid, and I see others write that Mathieu is bad. It’s terrible that he should be put in a situation that I put him in,” he regretted again. “I hope to meet Mathieu soon and tell him how sorry I am.”

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Nystrom said again, “I don’t really deserve to be here. I had a dream and I achieved it. But this mistake is too big for me to continue.” “I wanted to compete until the world championships in the Czech Republic at the beginning of February, but in the end I will return next week.”

“Everyone makes mistakes”

This overreaction surprised Matthieu Van der Poel and the Dutchman advised him to stay. “He didn’t even need to apologize. I wasn’t mad at him,” the Discipline star assured. “Felipe made the wrong decision, it could happen. Everyone makes mistakes. He should definitely not give up on his dream for this. I hope he stays here and completes the program he planned.”

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Mathieu van der Poel claims to know Felipe Nystrom’s story and “sympathizes with him”. “But yesterday (Tuesday) he scared me. At first, I thought he was stopping to let me pass, until he suddenly wanted to leave when I was at the same height,” MVP explained. “I tried to stay straight and not put his bike in my face.”

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