Dani Alves accused of rape: why should the footballer’s mother also be tried?

Notably, the former Barcelona and PSG player is expected to stand trial on February 5 and has been detained in Barcelona for almost a year.

He vehemently denies the facts. And his mother considers herself one of his main supporters. Former football player Dani Alves, who especially played for Barcelona (2008-2016, 2021-2022) and PSG (2017-2019), is accused of raping a young woman. Facts about the alleged incident in a nightclub in Barcelona in December 2022.

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Dani Alves has been detained in a Catalan prison since January 2023. He has always maintained his innocence and is due to stand trial starting February 5. The Spanish prosecutor’s office requested a 9-year prison sentence.

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In this case, the former player’s mother, who is now 40 years old, may also be worried. As a matter of fact, Lucia Alves recently published personal information about the complainant on social networks in order to support the possible innocence of her son. However, the Barcelona court demanded that all parties strictly respect the identity of the alleged victim. The latter’s lawyer has already announced his intention to file a complaint.

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According to the mother of Dani Alves, the young blonde woman who appears in the published photos and videos and is the alleged victim is mainly in search of fame and money. Lucia Alves also expresses her doubts about the alleged psychological fragility of the complainant, who was seen in a video surrounded by people celebrating her birthday. “He says he can’t work, but…” jokes Lucia Alves, who completes one of her messages with the following sentence: “Those who trust in God never lose the war.”

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