Dax-Montauban: Brutal defeat for USM, defeat in Landes

Sapiac’s men, who continued their streak of two consecutive successes before the break, were defeated this Friday, January 5 (day 15). In the last minutes of the match, we lost 7-0 in difficult conditions and in a try.

Montalbanais won’t have three successes in a row and therefore won’t have two successes in a row away from home. But still, on Friday, January 5, Sapiacains came within a whisker of failing to achieve the perfect match at the Maurice-Boyau stadium.

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We have long thought that, as in Agen, the defense of the green-blacks would allow them to make a difference at the end of the match and give them the four points they deserve, at least two points. And like Armande, Jérôme Bosviel almost made the save but was stopped on his back at the goal line and could not complete his pass.

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Five minutes and one last ammunition remained for Dacquois, who returned to the Tarn-et-Garonnais camp to take the last penalty of the match and use it perfectly, and the ball was perfectly controlled for the only try of the match. moreover, this transformed part sees captain Tyrone Viiga rob his teammates of the defensive bonus point, resulting in an extremely frustrating empty drive.

Unlucky USM, pragmatic USD

However, it was difficult to predict how a team would win in this match, which was played on a rain-soaked field and resembled a real trench war. Regardless, both teams tried to do their best, but more often than not, it was the foot that both chose to use to ensure the invasion.

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In this little game of ping-pong rugby, it was Pierre-Philippe Lafond’s men who held out against the best as the Landais never really managed to put them in danger. Proof of this is the fact that USD did not have the opportunity to score from their feet until the 55th minute, and the first penalty attempt was attempted but missed. Being very disciplined, USM stood there and waited for the slightest opportunity.

Jérôme Bosviel also failed with his first attempt (it was his only attempt), but he carried his team in the final minutes until this interval shot, which everyone thought was the winner, but failed by the extremely narrow margin. A blow to Tarn-et-Garonnais in this extremely tough championship. Next Friday Grenoble will need to get back on the winning track with an impressive reception this Thursday evening.


MT: 0-0; judge: Mr. Kévin Bralley (Occitanie).
Winners: 1E Furno (76); 1 T Seguy.
Score evolution: 0-0 / 7-0.
DAX: Duprat (Cerisier, 64); Galetier, Puntous (Daguerre, 58), Bolakoro, Oltmann; (o) Séguy, (m) Reteau (Garrouteig, 70); Ausset, Wasley (J.-B. Barrère, 66), J.-B. Barrère (cap, Aletti, 53); Luamanu (Singer, 61), Furno; Ferreira (Lolohea, 50), Delonca (L. Barrère, 50), Mary (Asa, 50).
-Montauban: Bosviel; Vici, Reilhac, Galala (Mathy, 53), Guillemin; (o) Fortunel, (m) Bernadet (Cottin, 56); Wilkins (Kanika, 59), Viiga (hat), Ringuet (Witt, 50); Gimeno (Bean, 50), Bradshaw; Burduli (John, 64), Firmin (Greyling, 61), Seyrolle (Aouf, 53, followed by Seyrolle, 74).

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