Decazeville. Maintain the same dynamic in 2024

The formalization of the club’s budgets for next season gives an insight into the club’s even greater ambition in many areas.

Decazevillois Guidon has been stepping up gear for two seasons and 2024 will be even more ambitious.

The budgets of the different sections required for the runners to move were recorded. The MTB team, playing in the national 3rd league, had the highest budget (€10,000). Next year it will be lower (€6,000) with fewer drivers. The away team’s seniors will have a similar budget to this season (€8,000), while the juniors, who have the same budget as the seniors (€8,000), will receive the biggest increase. Cadets will receive €2,000, while juniors and the UFOLEP section will receive €1,000. Increasing budgets for two seasons.

Ambitious Aprodia team

Coach Guy Cabrol announced the stage events where Guidon will be represented by the Aprodia team. Lafrançaise classic in March, Leucate vineyard wine route in early April, Orthe and Arrigans tour in mid-April, CABA tour in late April, Issoire country tour in mid-May, squirrel tour in mid-April, Lot loops in early June and Minervois Corbières tour in late June. Erwan Soulié and Elian Pialhoux will be the leaders.

A promising young team

Tom Ferreira, Lukas Albespy, Julian Bach joined Gabriel Layrac and Martin Cazelles in the off-season. Four riders will be assigned to the Toulousain cycling academy stadium. They will participate in national and international competitions with this structure. When they are dropped off at the Toulousain cycling stadium, they will race alongside the greats of the Aprodia team.

A DN3 MTB suit

The two elite riders Nathan Célié and Baptiste Chaliez will remain at the helm and will be the leaders of a downsized MTB team with the departure of three riders. They will still have six in the Coupe de France. Nathan and Baptiste will also compete in UCI races. Student Matyas Bingler is joining the Occitanie MTB team and will also participate in the Coupe de France events.

A configured UFOLEP section

This Ufolep structure, led by young runners, has a budget allocated to participation in stage events for the first year. Five races will be organized by the club at the same time.

These events start on April 1 in Rignac for seniors and U19s. In Decazeville on July 7 for U15, U17, seniors and U19. On 20 July in Villeneuve (city tour) U7 to U13 and night for seniors and U19. In August, again in Villeneuve for U15, U17, seniors and U19. Finally in Saint-Cyprien-sur-Dourdou for all categories in September.

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