Decazeville. Tristan Lombart took on the challenge of Desertus Bikus

On Wednesday, January 3, an extraordinary documentary about an extreme and little-known incident by cyclist Tristan Lombart will be released.

The Lombart family is well known in Havza. Especially there are Yannick, Lilian, Yoann and… Tristan. The latter, a native of the Hymes plateau, will be the cyclist and hero of the movie “Première”, a breathtaking race. This impressive documentary will be broadcast on Wednesday, January 3 at 20.30 at Decazeville La Strada.

In April 2023, Tristan Lombart embarks on the adventure of the Desertus Bikus, a 1,400-kilometer ultra-cycling race that initially includes 250 competitors. The challenge is to connect Bayonne to Nerja (southern Spain) as quickly as possible, without assistance, through the Spanish deserts and national parks.

Tristan, a passionate and experienced cyclist, is participating in an ultra-distance challenge for the first time. His goal: To cross the finish line in less than 5 days and be among the top 50 competitors. Through this documentary, viewers will be able to follow an original sports adventure that will lead Tristan to overcome his mental and physical obstacles, far from the clichés of a top athlete.

“The originality of Desertus Bikus lies in the fact that, apart from its difficulties, the route is free. If we want to make more land or bitumen, we need to connect different checkpoints that need to be verified depending on our appetite, more elevation change etc. The entire route is free. Moreover, we all cover the same distance “We don’t do it. There is no profit, maybe it can sponsor the best,” explains the hero of the film.

extraordinary race

Tristan started cycling at the age of 10. Cycling quickly became a real passion for him. He competed under the colors of Guidon Decazevillois and the Marcillac club (ECVM). He also studied at Marcillac, Rodez and Figeac. After spending some time in aviation, he worked as a bicycle mechanic in Bayonne for 4 years and can no longer do without two wheels.

Mathieu Koiko, the director of the film “Première”, is not supposed to be at La Strada during the screening, but the audience will be able to discuss with Tristan Lombart this extraordinary race, which contains equally alarming or alluring sights.

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