Decazeville. Various competitions in the club program

Firmi-Decazeville Tennis Club competitions will continue from this month. Tennis school kids (ages 4 to 12) will confirm their levels in the first trimester, while juniors and seniors will be regularly in action.

The next team competition will be a mixed competition starting on Sunday, January 7. Two teams are competing. Then, starting from January 20, the Caisse d’Epargne youth tournament will be held for the 15/18 age group, in which the girls’ team will participate, followed by the Aveyron championship for the over 50s, in which the club will participate with the men’s team. The first meetings are planned to be held in early February.

Additionally, at the Aveyron championship, many players will individually defend the colors of the Tennis club in their respective categories. Finally, the club’s internal tournament will be held, again individually, allowing great matches to be played while remaining competitive.

Additionally, Firmi-Decazeville Tennis Club would like to commemorate Jacques David, who passed away recently. “We will remember the many memories shared together in the clubhouse,” emphasize TCFD leaders, a former tennis player with a natural and spontaneous sense of humor, a passion for photography and a fan of Johnny.

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