Dieng finds color with Thunder

Ousmane Dieng returned to the Thunder rotation and took over these direct rivals on the team.

On the night between Monday, December 18th and Tuesday, December 19th, Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Memphis Grizzlies. It was an opportunity to once again see the return of Villeneuvois in Mark Daignault’s rotation. It is not easy to find your place in a team where only the first places are fixed and everyone has a card to play. However, several factors indicate that Ousmane is slowly integrating into the NBA roster.

In fact, playing during “garbage time” (when the result is drawn at the end of the match) is one thing. However, appearing on the field in the second quarter is a completely different thing. Villeneuvois was able to play about twenty minutes on the court against Memphis. Even though he doesn’t have great stats, his contribution pleases his coach. OKC’s blowout victory over the Grizz, who were waiting for star player Ja Morant, even allowed two Frenchmen from Oklahoma City to play on the field at the end of the game. Olivier Sarr will score six points and three rebounds in six minutes during this period.

As for direct competition at his position, Dieng can rely on his versatility to spread playing minutes across a variety of positions. The majority of his points come from easy baskets after a cut or three-pointers on skill nights. He will play more minutes at talent evenings because this is where he can make a difference against direct opponents.

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