DIRECT. France-Switzerland in European handball: The Blues are kept under control by a great Swiss team at the break! Follow the match live

More challenges and a level to raise. French handball players, who received their first card against North Macedonia in Europe (39-29), are expecting a “dangerous” Swiss team, contrary to appearances, in Germany’s second match in Berlin on Sunday, January 14 (18:00). group stage.

30′. First half in Berlin

What a match between neighbors! Switzerland drew level with the French thanks to a superb rebound from fellow Zehnder Manuel. Michael Suter’s side have the 2021 Olympic champions at the top of the table with Portner having a great evening and the Blues missing more opportunities than ever. The tension continues in the second period.

29′. Prandi again!

The PSG player shoots from distance, France takes the lead 14-13. The Swiss player is unaware of the next position, Desbonne makes another intervention and shoots into Switzerland’s empty goal.

27′. The French are catching up

Prandi allows his teammates to return to score and goalkeeper Desbonnet keeps the score with a good save. Portner responds by making a spectacular save against his opponent.

25′. Red-Whites opened the gap

Thanks to goalkeeper Portner, who destroyed the French territory, it was now the Swiss player’s turn to take a break;

23′. Switzerland is coming back!

Thanks to an untenable Laube, the Swiss players got back to 10 all around and even took the lead through Schmid before combining with a goal from Fabregas.

20′. The blues are still on the road

Guillaume Gille’s men always manage to keep their opponents at bay by a goal difference or two.

17′. The French are finally taking a break

At the end of the unsuccessful series of games, Remili placed his team two points behind Switzerland, which reduced the gap in the next move.

14′. Switzerland yellow card and France ahead

11th’. Blues can’t open the gap

Fabregas scored a hat-trick, but he and his teammates conceded a goal from Raemy in the process. Descat also missed a seven-yard field goal that was intercepted by Portner.

9′. France scored two goals in vain!

The match is very balanced right now, we are fighting tooth and nail. Fabregas scored a double. Switzerland also scored twice later thanks to Samuel Zehnder.

7′. French seven meter throw and new Swiss goal

Descat converted the penalty for France, but the Swiss immediately took the lead again through Laube.

4′. Equalization and second Swiss goal

The Blues were unable to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s stoppage and conceded two successive goals from Rubin and Laube. In between, they sent a shot to the opponent’s goal.

2′. Rémi Desbonnet is already making a name for himself

The France goalkeeper stops the first Swiss shot; This long shot lands effortlessly.

one’. France’s first goal

The first possession was handed over to the Blues with a goal scored by right-back Dika Mem.

18.00 Kick-off is held

The Blues had the first ball in a packed Arena.

17:55 Hymn time!

He was the first Swiss to sing their national anthem at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. The French followed him.

17:40 Composition of the French team

A classic starting VII match will begin against the Swiss team, with Luka Karabatic as captain.

17.30 Welcome everyone!

Follow the live commentary of the European handball match between France (2nd, 2 points) and Switzerland (4th, 0 points) with us. Kick-off in half an hour.

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