DOCUMENT. Coupe de France Revel-PSG: Maxence N’Guessan has control on the pitch as in life

From Lille he traveled to Carcassonne before arriving in Revel. Maxence N’Guessan, one of the off-season recruits, has slotted into the USR defense. Portrait of a man in control.

His look is confident, his posture in his chair is straight: Maxence N’Guessan gives the impression of self-confidence and serenity. It is worth noting that the 29-year-old defender has a lot of experience as a player: from the age of 5 to 17 he trained at Losc in Lille, later playing for Wasquehal (N3). At the National in Boulogne sur Mer: he was shoulder to shoulder with several names that would speak to football fans, such as Nicolas Marin, Grégory Thil and even the very young N’Golo Kanté of the time.

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“He really left an impression on me,” Maxence said when talking about the 2018 world champion. He then moved to several N3 clubs over the course of several years, and at the age of 25, the semi-professional defender experienced a turning point: “I had a plan, I was in control,” he explains with a smile.

from north to south

Control is an important element in one’s sporting and personal life journey. Because a few years ago Maxence made the choice to radically change his life. Goodbye to the north where his whole family lives, hello to the south with the Carcassonne R1 club. “Revelois remembers that I got a job as a bus driver at the time. It was a life choice: football could stop at any time, so we had to foresee. This region seemed to me a better place to raise children, as difficult as it was. That’s how far I’ll go It wasn’t obvious to my family.”

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at the house in Revel

Between his job and his passion for football – “I’ll play even when I’m 50!” Life goes its own way, Maxence assures. Two little boys, a partner and a new, less radical but important change for him in August 2023: signing for US Revel, which attracted the interest of his former coach at Aude Nicolas Giné. “Beyond the sporting aspect, I am very happy to have signed a contract with Revel. We still live in Carcassonne, but we will come and live here soon,” promises Maxence, who has just started his new job at Intermarché de Revel.

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“All the customers and colleagues were talking to me about the match! I met a lady, it was obvious she didn’t know football well. She started talking to me about PSG like an expert!” If Maxence understands the enthusiasm prevailing in the team, he is also happy with the change made after the break. “We are practicing well. A lot of people think we will score big. Maybe… But first we will give it our all.” Maxence loves to give everything: devotion and sacrifice can be controlled.

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