Doping: “I believe Vingegaard when he says he hasn’t taken anything but…” Mathieu van der Poel talks doubts in cycling

The Dutchman, who won the new round of the Cyclo-cross World Cup on Saturday 30 December, expressed his feelings about the doubts that accompany many riders in the professional cycling peloton.

This is one of the themes that has come back like a boomerang to the ears of great cycling champions in recent years. Doping has often accompanied top riders since the 1990s and 2000s, when professional pelotons were dominated by performance-enhancing techniques.

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This is especially true of Jonas Vingegaard, the Danish double champion of the Tour de France who is regularly questioned. These are the experiences of his colleague Mathieu van der Poel, who is a world champion on the road, has won numerous classics and won many championships in cyclo-cross.

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The Dutchman, grandson of Raymond Poulidor, talked about the doping issue in the columns of his country’s daily newspaper on Saturday, December 30. Algemeen Dagblad. Does he believe Jonas Vingegaard when he says he doesn’t use performance enhancement? “Yes, of course I believe so,” van der Poel answers bluntly. “They will also be able to retest my samples in 50 years. The level is very high today, thanks to all the developments. Equipment, nutrition, supplements, everything is becoming more and more efficient. Runners are now looking for their limits more and more. ‘training’ right now.”

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Although “MVDP” has complete confidence in his Danish rival, he still expresses doubts about all professional runners: “When I look at the way I train now… I would never have done this five years ago. I do it by eating healthy and recovering well.” “We’ll get there. Of course, there will always be liars, it’s the same in everyday life. That’s why I wouldn’t hold my hand in the fire for everyone.”

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