Elite 1: Albi wants to wear the Rugby League bear’s skin

The Albigensians, who will face Ours Saint-Gaudinois in Mazicou this Saturday evening, will want to pay the scalp of the only team they have not beaten in Elite 1 this season.

The black-whites will play the first match of the year at home and start the rematches. Their first outing of the year was at Elite 2 club Villegailhenc, where the Tigers came away victorious. Fearing the final result, Audois staged a brilliant comeback in the second act, scoring two tries for a final score of 18 for 34. The quarter-finals will take the ARL to Lézignan in March.

For now, it will be a matter of consolidating the good performance achieved in the championship against Saint-Gaudens this Saturday evening (18.00). The Albigensian replica bore a single scratch from the Commingeois bear that had been lethal in its lair, reminding Albi that one should never enter the rugby field with one’s head up.

Albigensians are confident in their education

This will be a good opportunity for the ARL to prove to its fans, many of whom will attend the post-match meal, that the team is moving forward again. The entire squad is in working order, and Villegailhenc freshman Thibaut Courrège gave complete satisfaction. Here is another kid from the Albigensian training that the club can trust. And he probably won’t be the only one, ideally the sports studies of Rascol High School launched should reveal other talents as well.

We hope that the improvement in weather conditions this weekend will enable us to have a suitable pitch for the sport of rugby to thrive. Everyone is aware that coming out of the championship in the first two places would be ideal to achieve the club’s goals. Fans will point out that since it is not a youth match where the curtains are raised, the match will be played at 18:00, an hour earlier than normal time.

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