Emotional. Football: President’s assessment of the ceasefire

During the confectioners’ truce, we can already make the first assessment whether it is in the youth or senior teams of US Autan.

On behalf of the football school, President François Tournier is more than pleased: “We are seeing an increase in numbers of more than 20% in the categories from U7 to U13. We can count on dedicated and dedicated educators to welcome these young people.”

In addition, the club continues to train new trainers with two people in the BMF course. By the end of the season, US Autan will be able to count on 5 facilitators, 2 federal trainers and 3 BMF owners. The 16-year-old young man received referee training and played his first matches.

The club currently has around 300 members, including a women’s team whose coach is the president. “I’m having a lot of fun. I see clear progress and I believe we will stand up against many teams in the second half of the season.”

Two top teams are in a difficult situation. “It’s worrying,” the president admits: “We draw in the first place and lose at home to the last place.” Another fact: the 1st team met the same team twice, a week apart, a defeat and a nice victory eight days later. “This is not a matter of lack of level, it is a matter of regaining peace and confidence. I believe that our players and coaches can improve the situation.”

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