European Track Cycling Championships: Fortin fell but bronze!

Despite the fall, Haut-Garonnaise made it to the podium of the omnium this Friday evening in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Not Mathilde Gros in the speed tournament…

The curtain rises on the fourth and final act of Omnium. Concentrating on the top fences, Valentine Fortin is set to play two roles. Once eliminated, keep the virtual bronze he’s “wearing” and turn it into silver or better if possible. Norway’s Anita-Yvone Stenberg is ahead with 114 points, England’s Neah Evans is ahead with 12 points and the Toulouse native is ahead with 16 points. Eighty turns to manage is an art…

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Arriving on the entry podium, Valentine has a good idea to get twenty points in very good company (Stenberg and Evans!) but is very restless and unable to go up against a direct rival, Ireland’s Lara Gillespie. When it came time for action again, the former Blagnacaise found herself floored off-balance by Swiss opponent Aline Seitz (Ukrainian Yaschenchko was also “hit”). He had hit the woodwork in Saint-Quentin last week, and stood up a little dazed, his shorts torn.

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The race is neutralized, he takes the second start with a grimace, but wins the next sprint, putting himself on par with his “green” rival! In the final whirlwind of Kopecky, the ultra-clear Frenchwoman took second place (double points) and saved her medal behind Stenberg and Evans… In the sprint, Mathilde Gros could not achieve the same success and finished third to Emma Hinze. Welshman Emma Finucane walks ahead of Friedrich for the title.

Two giant insects…

Another important point is the follow-up of men. Two giant insects, faceless pedalers, move in the same manner as the English school. David “Piggy” Bigham suffered the departure of compatriot Charlie Tanfield, but an irresistible comeback began after the second kilometer. There will be no match in this final, which Vigham won in 4’05’783 (a first): almost two seconds better than the other Brits.

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Just beforehand, Pedersen put some bronze into Denmark’s basket against Germany’s Buck-Gramcko. Finally, some beautiful sunshine came to Portugal during the scrape with the clever Iuri Leitão, who beat Walfer (Austria) and Hansen (Denmark). Today is omnium and Benjamin Thomas time!

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