European Track Cycling Championships: Gold medal came from Clara!

In Apeldoorn, Netherlands, Benjamin Thomas is still out of the race, but this Thursday evening the Blues turned on the “gold meter” with Copponi working from scratch.

Day two’s results remained silver for the Blues ahead of Clara Copponi’s inspiring sprint ahead of Belgian Wittevrongel just before lights out. Marseillaise at last! Once that gets pushed, we’ll still have to wait to see Ben Thomas on track. Today he will neither pursue the fight he dominated in the French championship (initially Ermenault and Denis), nor in the zero race (Nillson-Julien was selected). Enough to be fresh for tomorrow’s omnium!

No Americans for Vauréen Thomas

After allowing the chase train to move on Thursday (Great Britain beat Denmark and Italy with Bigham, Hayter, Tanfield and Vernon, French finished 5th)like that), Tarnais was replaced by Thomas Boudat on the subject of Americans, one of his greatest areas of expertise alongside Donavan Grondin. Grondin, accompanied by the Bordeaux player, achieved the first draw; The duo scored in five of the first six sprints and took the lead in the first quarter of the round. He remained at the front and then at the wheel of the Germans before the attack of the Portuguese, who angered them by making a turn. That wasn’t enough to thwart the Blues’ desire to double down on the bonus immediately afterwards. Victory in the final was still possible, but Kluge and Reinhardt retained their championship by four points. Denmark won the bronze medal.

Élisa Balsamo fourth, Letizia Paternoster third, Martina Fidanza and Vittoria Guazzini first; beautiful Italians “continue” wonderfully through generations. They dominated the German world champions at the start of the night before compatriot Matteo Bianchi’s burst of power in the terminal.

Bronze Landereau

Five-time crowned among the Espoirs, ahead of the Dutch Dan Kool and Melvyn Landerneau, very convincing and… “tanned”. Mathilde Gros is quickly doing much better. He easily earned his ticket to today’s semi-final by beating Poland’s Sibiak in two sets. Marie-Divine Kouamé faced British Finucane. Gros will face Germany’s Friedrich and Finucane in Hinze.

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