Fire at Serquigny castle in Eure: One of the owners, former Toulouse resident Bryan Bergougnoux, denounced a “massive fraud”

The Grand Château de Serquigny, listed as a historical monument, was reduced to ashes on Sunday, December 31. Around forty property owners had invested in the building where the work was done to ensure that the flats could see daylight. But nothing was done.

What happened on the night between Saturday, December 30th and Sunday, December 31st? Grand Château de SerquignyWas he the victim of a massive fire in Eure? It’s too early to tell, especially given that firefighters were still struggling several hours ago to extinguish the last areas of the fire and prevent any danger of it restarting. But voices are already rising to condemn the plan, which has led to the abandonment of this building despite its classification as a historical monument.

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According to the information obtained so far, the castle had actually been abandoned for several years. But it had many owners. There were even a few dozen who invested in the project, which was presented to them as a real estate project that would allow the creation of apartment buildings. But as our colleagues TF1Today, a significant portion of these owners cannot be found. They actually joined this project to get tax breaks.

“I hope people pay the price.”

But one of them has emerged and he is little known: former professional football player Bryan Bergougnoux, who played for TFC for several seasons in the 2000s, denounced a “big scam” on social networks. “The castle where I, like many other people, bought land and the work was never done! A huge scam that many people gorged on! I hope one day there will be an investigation into all this and people will pay for it!!!!”

The castle where, like many people, I bought land and the work was never done! A huge scam with lots of people crammed in! I hope one day there will be an investigation into this whole incident and people will pay for it!!!!

— Bergougnoux Bryan (@BryanSupaberg) January 1, 2024

“The starting point is a financial instrument, so most of the property owners had not started working,” explains Serquigny’s PS mayor Frédéric Delamare on TF1’s microphone. The financial operation is the first intention carried out in this castle. “

Due to unemployment, the castle was abandoned. According to various media outlets, therefore regularly occupied in a completely illegal manner. It especially hosted secret evenings. Did one of these evenings cause the fire that destroyed this century-old building? The investigation will tell.

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