Fleurance MTB cyclo: The end of the Lomagne challenge will take place in January

The Lomagne fight, jointly organized by Cyclo VTT Fleurance Ufolep, takes place in 4 rounds. The last 2 will take place on Sunday, January 14 and 21.

The first message of the Florantine cyclists during this greeting period was to wish “a happy new year to all athletes”. onewell In January 2005, the “Official Gazette” Fleurance Ufolep implemented the creation of the Cyclo VTT. Fleurance had previously organized the fight for Lomagne with Mauvezin and Cologne for several years; Later, a tour called Fleuranselle was organized in the city.

From organization to organization, the Lomagne Challenge has built an excellent reputation throughout the region, achieving nationally recognized quality status.

for the 19thto Due to the anniversary of the club’s founding, the Lomagne 2024 match is taking place over 4 rounds. The first two took place at Beaucaire on 10 December and at Polastron on 17 December. The next two will be in Mirande on Sunday, January 14th, and the last one in Cologne on Sunday, January 21st.

Great track record

After the first two races, Fleurance Ufolep Cyclo VTT achieved excellent results. Its two representatives, Nicolas Hovasse and Julien Gabriel, are currently 2 people.to and 3to Each of them has the potential to climb to the next step in the general classification.

Nicolas Hovasse is a Fleurantin who has competed in numerous international races in recent years, progressing steadily to the point of achieving Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) points.

Julien Gabriel has an impressive record last year: 5 victories, division champion, 3 victoriesto in the regional championship and 6th place.to At the 2023 Ufolep national championship. Two “locomotives” are surrounded by a team facing the same challenges, its components currently occupying valuable positions in the heart of the ranking: Quentin Hoarau, Christophe Cazeneuve, Vincent Zago, Patrice Hovasse… The club invites many fans here. Fleurantine blues in Mirande and Cologne.

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