Football: FC Barcelona could be excluded from Champions League due to chaotic financial report

Due to serious financial difficulties experienced for many years, UEFA may decide to exclude Barça from all European competitions. The Blaugrana club is afraid of these sanctions.

At a time when we are only talking about the famous hypothetical SuperLeague project, in reality Barça’s situation is bad. Therefore, they and their Madrid counterparts are satisfied with the ECJ’s decision. The root of this idea lies in the fact that the two clubs see themselves competing in the Champions League while also pocketing a big bonus, thanks to the Super League. Indeed, if the project announced this Thursday morning comes to light, the two Spanish clubs could receive loyalty bonuses worth a billion euros for staying with the project from the very beginning. This amount can then pay off all of FC Barcelona’s debts.

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The Blaugrana club has been in financial trouble for many years. Struggling with debt, the Catalans, through its president Joan Laporta, are using different tools to get out of this situation by partially selling their assets to generate income. As you know, Barça sold its television and licensing rights for the next few years in order to partially improve its financial situation. Because on the side of the well-informed newspaper World Am SonntagThere is a serious risk that the Blaugrana will be excluded from the next Champions League.

An accounting report far from UEFA standards

According to German media, the sanction will be given for violations of UEFA’s financial regulations. Barça has certainly not offset its expenses with similar cash inflows in the last three years. However, the Catalan club announced a net profit of 304 million euros in its balance sheet in September. However, UEFA’s regulations are different and require clubs to only include sales related to their football activities on their balance sheets. However, Barça had also taken into account future sales of TV and marketing rights in its balance sheet, as well as profits from other sports (basketball, handball, etc.). And UEFA has no intention of being deceived again…

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Welt Am Sonntag states that UEFA is talking internally about a possible expulsion “for two to three years” and explains that “the greater the loss, the greater the penalty.” This summer, the European football body fined Barça 500,000 euros because “the club misrepresented profits from the sale of intangible assets that did not constitute relevant income.” Without the Champions League, this decision could damage the Catalans’ hopes of a financial recovery. In this way, we understand better why FC Barcelona insists on the Super League.

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