Football: FC Pamiers during the break after an “encouraging” first part of the season

FCP finished the year after an encouraging first part of the season between pennants and football school. Positive review before wearing cleats again in January. A word for regional U14s.

A ceasefire was called at FC Pamiers for the end of the year celebrations. The club, headed by Christian Laffitte in the middle of the season, performs well in all categories. Overview. With five wins, one draw and three losses, the pennants reached the podium. There are two matches left to be played in this first half of the season; The next match will be played in Naurouze on 16 January, followed by Perpignan Nord on 20 January. Paulhan’s Héraultais, who were at the top of the championship with only one defeat, took a break, but the season is still long.

Streamers will watch for the slightest misstep of the leader

The pennant’s coach, Jérôme Rougé, also underlined this: “Nothing has been decided and the aim will be to win as many matches as possible by watching the slightest missteps of the leader. We know they will be expected to beat everywhere and as a team. The 3rd district championship group, which in my opinion is one of the toughest groups in the Occitanie league at this level, will provide great opposition for the competition. It is up to us to focus and play our chance to the fullest. We are working in this direction, the team has the opportunities to do good things, we saw this with our attacks, we became the second best in the championship with 20 goals we scored in 9 matches. » In short, all hopes are allowed, we have to hold on and most importantly, not give up. This is also the aim of the senior reserve team playing at division 1 level.

The reserve has a say

Even though the players in the middle of the table and coached by Alex Carrière have been both hot and cold since the beginning of the season, they continue to have a say in this championship at the top of the region. A tough competition where we find teams like Saint-Jean-du-Falga, the Luzenac AP reserve and even Mazères and Laroque d’Olmes wanting to return to the Occitanie league as quickly as possible. All the lights are green among the youngsters at the football school. And lots of satisfaction. We appreciate the excellent start to the season for the regional U14s who compete against teams like Toulouse FC or Colomiers.

The football school brings together young football enthusiasts and hosts a talent pool.

Nice breeding ground for regional U14s

An attractive Appamean formation that also attracted the attention of the league due to the fact that it called Clément Tousche, Cheick Diop, Calixte Vignole, Ylias Oubayoussef and Hugo Wairy to the detection course planned at the regional football center in Castelmaurou. In short, it is a positive development for the football school, which is starting to reap the fruits of the work done within it for many years. Young footballers have been doing well in the U-14s since the start of the season, while the U-18s and U-16s are also performing well in their respective championships. In short, encouraging results across all categories that bode well for an exciting second part of the season.

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