Football: “He started hearing voices” Former PSG striker Ezequiel Lavezzi would have psychological problems

Former PSG winger Ezequiel Lavezzi has become the subject of new revelations in the press. It is said that the Argentinian football player, who was hospitalized in the past weeks, has serious psychological problems.

Ezquiel Lavezzi’s name has appeared a lot in the press in recent weeks. In fact, his health condition is alarming and appears to have deteriorated. The former Argentinian football player, who was hospitalized in Uruguay on December 20 as a result of a “home accident”, is said to have serious problems, especially psychological.

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Nicknamed “Pocho”, he was admitted to the Sanatorium Cantegril hospital in Punta del Esteune (Montevideo) for an abdominal injury and a broken collarbone. According to his relatives, his injuries were caused by fractures and cuts that occurred when his shoulder hit a piece of furniture.

“He grabbed a pair of scissors and started hurting himself.”

However, this version was quickly refuted by FM Gente, who unequivocally stated that the former football player received “stab wounds on the right side of the body”. Argentine radio also talked about a possible family quarrel. But the revelations conveyed marca today it seems to present a completely different reality that seems much more serious.

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Journalist Estefania Berardi told Argentine television: “Pocho suddenly became very anxious. He started hearing voices and thought they were coming to get him or chasing him. He was very scared.” He started to harm himself. His brother tried to calm him down and take control of the situation. That’s when it got worse and he continued, “He ended up injuring his collarbone.” “El Pocho is having a legal dispute with his ex-wife Natalia Lonbardo and thought these voices might be voices coming for him.”

Family denies he was hospitalized for the second time

“His family decided it was best to take him on a medical plane to Buenos Aires. But when they arrived at the airport, he had a similar seizure and could not travel under those conditions because it was dangerous, even dangerous,” said criminal lawyer Lucas Bertero, who said he had firsthand knowledge. So, he said, they drugged him and put him to sleep. He had a kind of mystical explosion: “God ready to shower praises or petitions.”

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Just last week, Argentine media reported that the former PSG and Napoli player was hospitalized for the second time, this time in Buenos Aires, due to his deteriorating health condition and a possible overdose. Here too, the family, through their son, disputed this version of the incident. “My father is fine and receiving treatment. Stop making things up that aren’t true. He didn’t overdose or whatever they say.”

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