Football: Thomas Meunier reveals the amount of fines Dortmund players receive for every gram they take on holiday

Borussia Dortmund is doing its best with its players. Belgian right-back Thomas Meunir explained in his statement on RTBF that the German club is already planning sanctions to limit the excess weight of players returning from the winter break.

Borussia Dortmund players’ excesses during the holiday period could cost them a lot of money. The German club, which is PSG’s rival in the Champions League group stage, decided to act more strictly this year. Former Paris-Saint-Germain right-back Thomas Meunier has therefore revealed that they have introduced strict regulations to discourage players from eating too much over Christmas and New Year.

A salty addition

The Belgian international states that every gram will count at the RTBF: “We were weighed in the last training session and this will be done when we continue where we left off”; “The price is clear: A fine of 1000 euros is imposed for each kilo purchased, then we go from a certain level to 1000 euros for 100 grams.”

It seems that some did not take the measure of this sanction, the 32-year-old Belgian footballer was never worried, but this is not the case for some of his teammates: “Without naming names, I know someone who was involved. 10 thousand euros. We told him, ‘You have one week, if you lose weight, we will reduce the penalty’… and he succeeded!” said the Red Devil.

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