French track cycling championships: “This is the most beautiful jersey…” Valentine Fortin gold, Occitans bronze

Haut-Garonnaise Valentine Fortin was crowned in the team competition, while Benjamin Thomas and his young teammates won the podium at the French Track Cycling Championship this Thursday.

Valentine Fortin didn’t wait at the track to add a beautiful tricolor jersey to his collection. United under the Ile-de-France flag, Haut-Garonnaise and her partners (Lara Lallemant, Clara Copponi, Marie Patouillet) won the team pursuit title “easily”. Even after countless international successes and podiums, blue-white-red is still a joy. “I say it’s the most beautiful jersey, even though we don’t have the opportunity to wear it often,” smiles Cathy Moncassin’s former pupil, who hopes to achieve four successes this week.

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Two Blagnacais from Reunion, another from Béarn, a Basque and a Tarnais exiled to Italy! Occitanie pushed himself to the limit to line up a very stylish quintet in the national team pursuit tournament. Facing Jonathan Lebreton, Yann Velna, Dorian Carreau, Mathieu Dupé and Benjamin Thomas for third place in the final, Ile-de-France also presented a large foreign legion with Grondin (another nugget from the “busy island” professional in Brittany). Denis (Morbihannais from Lille Métropole), Lafargue (Girondin) will accompany the Essonian Guerinel.

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The Southerners joined their rivals after 1,875 meters (4’01”513) to win… The crowning event of Normandy (Ermenault, Garel, Petit, Pijourlet in 3’58”655) ahead of Hauts-de-France ( Zahem, Boudat, Tabellion, Bracke (3’57”647) ensured Ben Thomas’ first podium finish.

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“We were a little surprised that our rivals were separated in qualifying, but it’s definitely a medal, especially for the young players…” Vauréen will get back on track today in the omnium. In the individual pace, Mathilde Gros (ill) completed a short distance of only 200 metres; Marie Divine Kouamé did not tremble before her teammates from the USA Créteil, Marie Louisa Drouode and Julie Michaud.

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