Frouzins. Lots of friends for Santa

Frouzins Judo Club completed the 2023 year in a family and friendly atmosphere in the Gascogne hall on Friday, December 15, after the big draw on Saturday, December 9. The results of the first quarter of the recovery were actually quite positive; All participants showed a broad smile, although the children’s smile was mainly due to the presence of an elderly gentleman dressed in red and with a magnificent white beard.

On the sporting side, managers and chefs welcomed the 50 points needed for Julie Massat to receive her fourth dan. In the chicks, junior Brihoum Jami placed 3rd out of 20 during the Section Cup, while his brother Adel placed 7th out of 70 in the section criteria.

On the festive side, savory and sweet treats were shared around a delicious punch prepared by the club’s treasurer, Thomas Lopez, based on Ciryl Bonheur’s mysterious recipe, before Papa Noël began handing it out with his loving wife. Small gifts for every child.

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