Gambardella Cup: JET dreams big against AS Saint-Etienne, TFC plans to break through… Focus on Toulouse’s 32nd final

Jeune Entente Toulousaine players dream of success against the “Greens” on Sunday, January 14, while the Pitchouns will welcome the Corsican team of SC Bastia.

Unlike Pitchouns, it is not very common to see Jeune Entente Toulousaine players progress to this stage of the competition. R1 residents, who won Narbonne in the previous round, will have a difficult time against AS Saint-Etienne, which plays at the highest national U19 level. “I’m not sure we’re fully aware of it. We’re quite humble, but people make us feel like this is a big thing,” says Nawfel Sghir, the team’s trainer and coach.

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It is no coincidence that the team, third in the group in R1, has done well this season and Nawfel has his own reasons: “With Nadir Chiali (head of department) and Sofian Henni (assistant) we saved a generation that we know very well and took part in the U17 National last year The field is of very high quality. At the beginning of the season we wanted to put the club’s values ​​at the center of the project and went to Luchon for three days. Our club allows us to achieve this and it is this good harmony that allows us to enjoy and give pleasure on the field.

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President Jean-David Pégot underlines exactly this performance: “We are proud of them because it is rare for the club to perform at this level. There will be people at the match and that is good because it highlights the work of the educators”. Evidence of the enthusiasm is the presence of a distinguished guest at the Fernand-Sastre stadium on Sunday, when Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc will kick off. And if the trainer has shown his respect to the “Greens”, he and his players are not willing to take chances.

TFC has every chance

On the same Sunday, TFC U19s will also play their future in the competition with Bastia’s reception. This season, both teams in the same group are in the relegation zone. Toulouse (17 points), in 11th place, welcomes the red Corsicans (13 points), in 14th place and in the last place, in the ambitious first match of this new year.

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“We want to attack 2024 with the same intention as from the beginning of the season. To offer an attractive game and support the development of the youngest players. We must find more success and therefore victory because we have the capacity to play in both.” important”, explains coach Mickaël Delestrez. With the desire to perform well in the competition and the big goal of reaching the last four, the coach also wants to continue to develop this generation with full training. Mickaël Delestrez believes that the group, which is a slight favorite on home soil, “Bastia’s fair value He stated that “taking into consideration the opportunity to qualify in an additional round with great enthusiasm.”

TFC-Bastia, Sunday at 11:00 in La Ramée; JE Toulouse-Saint-Etienne on Sunday at 13.00, at the Fernand-Sastre stadium.

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